How ‘dateable’ are you?

It's important to be honest with yourself about how 'dateable' you areBY MEGHANN NOVINSKIE AND KIM ROSENBERG
Washington Blade

What makes someone “dateable”? Are there specific qualities that define our successful clients?

It’s not a perfect body, a charming personality, financial wealth and a massive group of best friends. This truly is a great time of the year to prioritize dating, but before you put on your “dating shoes,” consider a few key factors that qualify whether or not you’re dating or relationship material.

First, how well do you know yourself? There is nothing more disappointing from our perspective than knowing someone genuinely has a lot to offer a partner, but doesn’t know so. A common misconception in the gay community is that we all think we are fabulous, with little to no flaws. Many of us have had rocky relationships in the past, not only with partners but potentially with family members or friends as well.

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