Arizona Red Rock adventure in the sky

Arizona Red Rock State Park

Getting up close and personal with red rocks in Arizona’s Red Rock State Park (Photo: Girls That Roam)


If you’ve never been on a helicopter tour, I highly suggest it. Yes, it’s a splurge, but if you are a view seeker the sights are out of this world.

Recently, I went on an open-door helicopter tour of Arizona’s Red Rock State Park with Arizona Helicopter Adventure. The 30-minute adventure racing through the red rocks rising out of the earth with a former military helicopter guide was thrilling, not to mention awe inspiring.

My heart raced when we took off from the helicopter pad and I held on afraid for a moment that I was going to fall right out of the helicopter, but moments later I was enjoying the feeling of flying.

The Arizona Helicopter Adventure experience flying around Arizona’s Red Rock State Park. (Photo: Girls That Roam)

The Arizona Helicopter Adventure experience flying around Arizona’s Red Rock State Park. (Photo: Girls That Roam)

Our pilot skillfully flew around, over and through the rock formations coming out of the not so barren desert. At moments our group hovered like humming birds up close to the formations and to see remnants of cave dwellings on the cliffs of the mountains, before we skillfully darted away through the rocks.

Our pilot noted each formation with its name and historical facts about the Red Rock formations as we flew above and through them at times.

The ride is truly an adventure, but it also provided moments to pause and briefly meditate and marvel at how amazing nature truly is, at least for me.


Arizona Helicopter Adventure, 1200 Airport Road, Sedona; 800-282- 5141 or 928 -282- 0904,

RATING: 5 = midnight blue
(5 – 0: color code – best to worse: 5 = midnight blue; 4 = black; 3 = Aqua; 2 = orange; 1 = gold; and 0 = green)


PRICE TAG: $$$ = $175 – $350
(lowest price for a single passenger in a standard tour during high-season)

THE OUTING: The thrill of flying between the red rocks and the views of the formations.

WORTH THE THRILL?: AAAA= A mind blowing adventure!

VIBE: This is a high energy adventure with moments of awe inspiring views.

SCENE: Jeans, t-shirt, jacket, scarf, flying glasses. Highly advised not to wear dresses, skirts or loose blouses unless you want to show off that hot bra you are wearing.

LOCATION: Take off from the top of a mountain from the edge of Arizona’s Red Rock State Park.

THE RIDE: Glide through the sky and rocks in an open door helicopter.

AMENITIES: No frills, just strapped in thrills and great stories and music provided by the guide.

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