U.S. Department of State posts LGBT travel info

Rainbow giraffe

Now if only they could tell us where to find rainbow giraffes… (Photo: Wilde Travels)


Marking another milestone for equality, the US State Department has put on its travel site a section aimed at providing information for LGBT tourists looking to vacation abroad. The government-produced site now provides information for LGBT travelers in general, and reports on LGBT-specific issues on many countries. The guide claims that “most LGBT travelers encounter no problems while overseas,” and mentions that “a number” of countries offer legal protection, but says that “unfortunately, there are others that do not.” 

The site includes sections on every country in the world, giving information regarding things such as visas, crime statistics, and “special circumstances,” but not all include LGBT-specific information. Those that do vary in length and usefulness; for example, the page on Ukraine has multiple paragraphs dedicated to anti-LGBT sentiment and crime, and a “Special Issues for LGBT Travelers” section mentions that legislation has been proposed to criminalize the “promotion” of homosexuality, but provides no information regarding the laws about same-sex intercourse.

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