A face-based approach to online dating

"Love Thyself" Photo via Harvey Nichols

It sort of makes us think of the “Love Thyself” campaign at department store Harvey Nichols.


“The Merge”: a well-known lesbian phenomenon in which couples have the uncanny tendency to look like one another. Some blame it on wardrobe sharing, parroting behavior or just plain old-fashioned narcissism. But as it turns out, there may be more than a shared dress code drawing you to potential mates. According to Christina Bloom, creator of Find Your Face Mate, facial feature similarity between couples is what lights that initial spark of attraction. “When we meet someone, we usually say, ‘I met this great guy or I met this great girl,” says Bloom. “The thing is, you liked her personality because you liked her face.”

FaceMate is a scientific and research-based online dating sight for singles. The technology scans a photo that you upload and it marks 67 points on the face and matches them to other pictures uploaded to the “facebase.” Bloom happened upon this concept when she started dating someone after ending her marriage. “People were telling us that we looked so similar. We had the same coloring and it made the similar structures of the face easier to see. There began my fascination and that was 20 years ago.”

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