5 side-splitting, pre-‘SNL’ Kate McKinnon performances

Kate McKinnon as Shakira

Kate McKinnon as Shakira on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Since joining the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in April 2012, Kate McKinnon set the internet abuzz with her parodies of Justin Bieber, Shakira, Ellen DeGeneres, Billie Jean King and more. But long before the talented comedian was portraying Russian peasant Olya Povlatsky alongside Seth Myers on “Weekend Update,” McKinnon was creating other unforgettable characters on stage and television.

These five hilarious videos represent the best of McKinnon’s diverse and memorable performances.

McKinnon’s Fitzwilliam goes to Hogwarts.

Hillary Clinton apologizes to America.

McKinnon’s Livia Scott character hosts a summer performing arts program (and don’t you dare call it a “camp”).

McKinnon hosts a speed dating event with an unexpected outcome.

Who remembers health class?

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