Lez get literary: ‘Shoulders’ by Georgia Cotrell

shoulders BY BETT NORRIS

This review is the third in a series of three by Bett Norris: something old, something new, something timeless. Read her reviews for “Giraffe People” and “The Mandrake Broom.”

“Shoulders: A Novel” by Georgia Cotrell is published by Firebrand Books.

This is an old novel, first in print in 1987, which makes it one of the first of a new genre, lesbian romance fiction. After twenty six years, it stands the test of time, and is still one of the very best written in this category.

Tired of reading the same plot, again and again? The standard is girl meets girl, falls or tries to resist falling in love, discovers obstacles both very real and those also somewhat whimsical, eventually overcoming and getting the girl of her dreams in the end, with just the right blend of romance, sensuality, and sex to keep the pages turning. Settings in unusual locales help stir interest. Interesting occupations and professions and character traits pique curiosity.

Basically, a love story is a love story. This book is unique in many respects. First, the writing is exceptionally fine. Next, there is more humor here than one would expect. Point of view is first person, as the protagonist looks back fondly, sometimes painfully, and tells her own love story.

I’ll say it again: very fine writing, great good humor, and this novel survives the passage of time very well. It reads like an old, dear friend.

Bett Norris is the author of “Miss McGhee,” and “What’s Best for Jane.”

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