‘Fun Home’ moves from bookshelf to Off-Broadway

Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, and Alexandra Socha play Alison in Fun Home

Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas and Alexandra Socha play Alison Bechdel in “Fun Home”
Photo by Joan Marcus


At some point, a decade or so ago, mainstream New York musical theater started taking the easy way out. Story-driven and challenging narratives gave way to the familiar. Shows (often weakly) developed around already existing pop music and fairytales, television and movies, took center stage, bringing in much needed tourist dollars. Launching a musical at all is a big enough risk, let alone one with real depth and unfamiliar tunes. However, I’ve always thought that producers have been underestimating their audiences. That if a show was smart enough, and had enough heart, that theater-goers would embrace it. I hope I’m right, because “Fun Home” is one of those shows that deserve a long embrace.

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