Writer/illustrator Julie Maroh on ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’

Julie Maroh in 2011 (Photo: Archives Tadeusz Kluba)

Julie Maroh in 2011 (Photo: Archives Tadeusz Kluba)


As the saying goes, “the book was better.” Now I haven’t seen the film version of “Blue is the Warmest Color” yet (it opens this weekend), but the graphic novel it is based on is incredible, so it’ll be hard to beat. Out French writer and illustrator Julie Maroh began work on “Le bleu est une couleur chaude” when she was 19 (she’s now 28) and saw it published in France in 2010. Arsenal Pulp Press just published the English language version in September and the movie opens this Friday, October 25, so there’s still time to get a copy and read it before you hit the theater.

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