Violence erupts at another French marriage rally

Marriage Equality France

A pro-marriage equality rally in France (Via


Manif Pour Tous, an anti-LGBT group in France, marched in yet another protest against marriage equality in Paris on May 26. French President Francois Hollande just signed the bill into law on May 18, allowing same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexuals to marry and adopt children as protestors help up signs pleading for the president to resign. Despite the multitude of protests, including the suicide of anti-gay historian Dominique Venner, France’s first legal same-sex marriages will be held as planned on May 29.  

After a long day of chanting and holding up signs, the rally remained relatively peaceful until people started dispersing. Around five hundred protestors started throwing bottles, smoke bombs, and anything else they could get their hands on. Some even chased journalists who were covering the event, something that has happened at other rallies. Police responded with tear gas, and arrested an estimated ninety-six people.


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