Tooth fairy, butch style

Butch on Tap

Last week, my son lost his third tooth. He brought it home from school in a tooth-shaped necklace holder. He was very excited to leave it for the Tooth Fairy. (She must be a femme, right, with that name?)

Anyway, tooth in hand he was excited. I realized that I did not have any cash on me. The going rate is $5 per tooth – FYI. I disguised the needed stop at the store by getting the kids involved in picking out things for the next day’s lunches. Near the checkout, my son demonstrated a strong interest in the newest “Madagasgar” DVD – the one that includes the rainbow Afro. What to do? I instructed the kids to unload the basket and went one lane over, surreptitiously handing the clerk the DVD and asking if she could get it into my bags without the kids knowing. She could. Hooray!

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ButchOnTap is written by Butch Jaxon, a fledgling writer who has been a lesbian her whole life. Butch was raised in San Diego and is an accomplished lawyer. She loves to write, play any kind of sport or game, consume any kind of entertainment, and is frequently found drinking lattes in a bookstore or discovering new beers at local micro-breweries.

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