Lesbian author Kiki Archer tests boundaries in new novel

“She said she wanted to test my boundaries!” squealed Camila towards her car’s passenger seat where her mobile phone was lying on loud speaker.

Julie’s voice was gasping from the other end of the connection.

“Where is she?”

“Behind me! In her Lamborghini!”

Looking in the rear-view mirror, Camila debated how they’d got to this point.

She looked away.

She knew how they’d got to this point. Harriet had been right: she’d said yes.

She’d gone to the office at the end of the corridor at five and said yes.

Why had she said yes?

Real life doesn’t play out like a movie. Electric connections mostly mean you’ve got static in your jumper. Camila Moore knows that; she’s not daft. She has two teenage boys and bills to pay, plus the only man she’s ever been with has traded her in for a gym bunny. Returning to work’s the answer, but when she finds herself in the wrong room, wrong place at the wrong time, the last thing she expects is to be promoted out of obscurity into the arms of Harriet Imogen Pearson, media darling, hotshot entrepreneur and notorious lesbian playgirl.

Camila can’t believe it; she’s an ordinary woman, nothing special – in her view – so what’s Harriet’s motivation? What’s her end game?

Are Camila’s feelings just infatuation or is it real life love?

Kiki Archer is the mistress of chick-lit romance for girls of all ages and inclinations.

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