The Most Recent Celebrities to Come Out as Transgender

The journey to realizing that you identify as transgender can be long, but empowering. These celebrities have been open about their gender identity and the self-reflection it took to publicly acknowledge it.

For these celebrities, it’s important to live their truth in every way. Whether through self-expression, gender expression or a combination of both, telling their story allows them to live out loud. Being recognized by how they identify is essential for finding community as well as a fulfilling transgender dating experience.

They’ve built with both fans and other celebrities alike, while also driving the conversation about being trans and the experience it entails. Maybe you’ll resonate with one of their stories or learn something new as an ally, but either way, these trailblazers are shaping the fight for trans liberation.

Vivian Jenna Wilson

Eighteen-year-old Wilson lives outside the spotlight despite her famous father. She’s been clear about identifying as a transgender female and using she/her pronouns according to court documents filed in April. Recently, she filed a petition for a name change and new birth certificate with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Though both she and father Elon Musk haven’t made much commentary on their estranged relationship, Wilson is clear that she’d like to live her truth and no longer wants to be related to her biological father in “any way, shape or form”.

Emma Corrin

The Crown star Emma Corrin is among recent celebrities to express her trans identity. She came out as queer and uses she/they pronouns. She addressed her gender identity for the first time on Britain’s ITV News. Corrin has also been very open on Instagram about her journey, including her series of posts showing and discussing her chest binders.

Lennon Torres

You may recognize Lennon Torres from the popular Lifetime show Dance Moms. She’s been very open about her transition on Tik Tok and her other social media, now being referred to by she/they pronouns.

Her journey to realizing her identity as a woman was long and started with coming out as gay at 15. College is where she met people who helped her realize what it meant to exist outside of the gender binary. After many conversations and self reflection she realized that she identifies as a trans woman.

Torres started medically transitioning in 2021 and continues to document her journey on Tik Tok. She also works closely with the queer community, including the company she established, Continuum Company, which focuses on gender equity and consults with ballet companies to provide a safe space for dancers outside the gender binary.

Tommy Dorfman

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman is also open about her journey to identifying as a trans woman. She documented her journey of her body “living in a more fluid space” on Instagram for a while before publicly acknowledging her transition. Dorfman says she transitioned for a year before being open about it. She’s also started medically transitioning.

Gigi Goode

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Gigi Goode has also come out as trans. She originally came out as genderfluid, later realizing that she identifies as a trans female and nonbinary. Goode cites her self reflection during the pandemic and the HBO Max series Veneno for helping her realize who she really is. The fully trans actresses helped her to realize she identifies this way as well.

Goode has been open about the process of medically transitioning, discussing hormone replacement therapy and facial feminization surgery.

Laganja Estranja

Another RuPaul’s cast member, Laganja Estranja has come out as a trans woman. She discusses her ten year journey to discovering herself, including purposely coming out as trans before starting hormone replacement therapy.

Estranja expresses that outward appearance is an extension of what we feel on the inside and that clothes don’t determine whether you’re a woman or not.

Zaya Wade

Zaya Wade has also come out about being a trans girl. Her father, Dwayne Wade, first announced in 2019 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that his 12 year old daughter Zaya wanted to be referred to by she/her pronouns.

Throughout 2020, 2021 and onward Zaya has introduced herself to the world, making many red carpet appearances with her parents. Both Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are very supportive of their daughter’s journey and the right to express herself. They also continue to educate themselves through various means, including reaching out to the all trans cast of Pose for how to be of support and be strong allies of the queer community.


NikkieTutorials is no stranger to talking with an audience. The YouTube star has over 13 million followers who tune into her makeup channel. Her video ‘I’m coming out’ was the first time she discussed with her huge following her journey to discovering her identity as a trans woman. In the video she states that she knew that since she was younger that she was “born in the wrong body”.

She also discusses feeling pressured to come out because trolls threatened to expose her gender identity. Making the video was her way of coming out on her own terms and controlling her own narrative.

Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray is most known for being in the 2013 Britain’s Got Talent finals. The singer revealed his identity as a transgender male on his personal Tik Tok. He shared that he had his first appointment at the gender clinic a while ago which opened up the possibility of changing his name on his passport as well as his gender marker.

Promising to keep fans updated throughout the journey, he plans to start testosterone soon.

Indya Moore

Known for their role as Evangelista in Pose, Indya Moore is a big voice in both the trans and queer communities. They identify as transgender and non binary, and use they/them pronouns. Moore is very open about the bullying and transphobia that caused them to leave home at 14 and drop out of school. They have also been very open about the scrutiny they face as female passing, though they identify as nonbinary.

Each of these stories is inspiring and liberating, but it’s important to remember there are many trans people still facing lack of resources in their journey. Supporting organizations dedicated to providing resources for trans people such as the Black Transgender Advocacy Coalition can help to provide a voice and safe spaces for trans people to thrive.

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