Taking the ‘work’ out of your workout

Woman using an exercise ball to do sit-upsBY KEVIN M. NORRIS
Washington Blade

When was the last time you had fun exercising? If your routine has become a workout — focus on the “work” — and you are struggling with the same mundane routine, it’s past time to kickstart your regimen.

There are lots of exercise options that are fun. Yes, getting on the treadmill four times a week and lifting weights is a widely accepted strategy, but doing that continuously will give you diminished returns in time, not to mention bore you to tears.

To be successful at anything you have to embrace it. I’m not saying you have to love exercise, but there has to be some essence about exercise you enjoy or look forward to or you will not be successful. It boils down to your mindset. A negative attitude will harvest negative results. I know all this mindset mumbo-jumbo sounds cliché, perhaps it is, but I really believe that the way you think and feel about any endeavor will enhance your experience. And if you can create an exercise program that is also fun and enjoyable, your results will come more easily.

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