Loving Annabelle

Up and comer Erin Kelly stars as Annabelle, a precocious senator’s daughter who falls in love with her teacher Simone…

Tru Love film

Tru Love

“Tru Love” explores love and connection that defies age.



This wonderful lesbian drama tells the tale of an undocumented Mexican nanny, Margarita, whose girlfriend Jane is reluctant to commit.


Sex with your best friend has never been so reproductive! Winner of 16 LGBT film festival awards and counting —…

Kiss Me

“Tremendous, sensual, stunning and simply sexy!” — AfterEllen.com The stunning Ruth Vega Fernandez stars as Mia, a thirty-something well-to-do architect…


“Water Lilies” filmmaker Céline Sciamma’s second feature, “Tomboy,” tells the story of a family with two daughters, 10-year-old Laure and…