Tru Love

The vivacious Shauna MacDonald (“Hemlock Grove”) stars as Tru, a 37-year-old bed-hopping lesbian who becomes unexpectedly smitten with elegant 60-year-old Alice (stunning Kate Trotter, “Lost Girl”). As their affection deepens, Alice’s daughter Suzanne (Christine Horne, Margarita) worries that Tru may break her mother’s heart. But it seems this lesbian Casanova may have found true love at last.

Co-directed by esteemed lesbian filmmaker Kate Johnston and actress Shauna MacDonald, this wonderful love story is filled with grace and humor.

Winner of 11 LGBT film festival awards and counting!

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6 Responses to “Tru Love”

  1. good place to find lesbian movies ...thank you

    thank you for insite and info. on current and older lesbian movies……

  2. Maggie

    What a beautiful movie! It is so refreshing to see such a brilliant piece of work. As a 57 year old lesbian I am not so into the young skinny girl sex filled gay movies anymore. This movie shows true substance. Thank you Canada!


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