Sweet success: 240 Sweet makes artisan delights

Lesbian couple in chef coats

Alexa, left, and Samantha, right.


Offering a fresh take on the underappreciated confection, Alexa Lemley developed new flavors of artisan marshmallows based on foods she and her partner, Samathana Aulick, were craving, but couldn’t afford to go out and eat. Now, through their success, Lemley is able to create solely on inspiration. 240 Sweet has garnered so much interest that Lemley maintained three stints at the Indiana State Museum as the Artist In Residence, doing demonstrations on the art of making marshmallows.

They are able to stay involved in the LGBT community sponsoring the local Inclusive Community Coalition to make their town “a more welcoming place.” They also make it a point to hire and mentor gay youth, and are active in the Southern Indiana Women’s Group through which they host Ladies’ Nights in their 240 Sweet studio with themes such as “Candy Making Party” to “Game Night.”

Lesbian.com Editor’s Note: Alexa and Samantha were featured in our “Real-Life Love Stories” series!

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