Draw your way to success in 2013

Patti Dobrowolski

Patti Dobrowolski, author of “Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life.”


2013 is here and if you are thinking you want to use the turn of the year to focus your energy on making changes in your life, there isn’t a more perfect time to get started! While it seems like the most popular way to find that new you is by tuning into what’s trending in the Twitterfeed, g+, or FB, why not tune your focus to the one person that you know the best: yourself? 2013 could very well be your year to shine, so let’s make it so.

Goal setting often doesn’t succeed because we have so much data filling our brains that it gets overloaded and can’t figure out what is most important to pay attention to. But research shows that if you draw a picture of what you desire in your life, you stand an 80 percent higher ratio of being able to make it happen! Ever wonder why everyone is suddenly drawing pictures on white boards in videos when they want you to buy or remember something? Pictures imprint on your brain.

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