Supergay Maria Rachid leads Argentina’s equality movement

Maria Rachid leads the equality movement in ArgentinaBY LISA DAZOLS

If you want to get a tough job done, find a lesbian. Maria Rachid, former president of the Argentina LGBT Federation and current legislator in the city of Buenos Aires is one of those power lesbians who makes it happen. She was the leading voice behind Argentina’s 2010 campaign for marriage equality which included full adoption rights. With her leadership, Argentina became the first country in Latin America and the tenth in the world to do so.

We interview Maria in her home in Buenos Aires. As she led us through the entryway, we walked past two megaphones placed near the door ready for action in a moment’s notice for some Supergay community organizing.


Lisa Dazols is a licensed clinical social worker who is in her tenth year in HIV services. She and her partner Jenni traveled all over the world meeting the LGBT community for their OutandAround blog project, which is now being made into a documentary.

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