Somer Bingham: Top 5 misconceptions about lesbians

Somer Bingham of “The Real L Word” debunks five lesbian myths.

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  1. Nanci

    Yeah, you not only nailed it as Jackie said, but gave us some cogent argument points for those straights that insist we stay in their box (yes, could be fun, but yet…). Good job!

  2. April

    #4 really annoys me! My wife and I both wore full wedding gowns for our wedding, neither of us is more masculine or feminine than the other.

  3. Jewel

    well, I’m a girl but I’m not a lesbian..
    I really liked this video, it’s funny and I’m in no place to say but I think it’s true since a lesbian posted it and other lesbians agree.. so who am I to not agree .. LOL.

    anyway, I want to say something about misconceptions.. I hate it when people judge women based on their looks or hobbies..

    I just want to add a 6th misconception “if U allow me”:


    I like to wear caps, sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt that is too big for me and I love to walk around with a backpack instead of a purse and finally I love to play sports and watch them. I can’t help it, I hate dresses and skirts, when I go to a shop I keep going to the male section. I like their clothes better.. it’s not a crime ^^”

    I think it’s really offensive to lesbians to ASSUME that they have no sense of fashion (yup I know that I don’t have a sense of fashion LOL)

    I noticed in TV shows how they make fun of ugly male haircuts and say to a guy (what’s up with your haircut !! U look like a lesbian) I think this is disgusting and not funny at all.

    Thanks for this video, it was very nice (^.^)y


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