‘Sleeping Beauty’ with a lesbian-ever-after ending

Sleeping beauty in UkraineBY KATHERINE BROOKS
Huffington Post Gay Voices

We were pretty miffed when we received a press release for Taras Polataiko’s performance art piece, “Sleeping Beauties,” at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The idea of five women feigning sleep on a white satin bed, waiting for a kiss from some guy with an Eastern European mullet, was slightly stomach-lurching. Then we learned that the volunteer princesses and their eager spit-swapping companions were contractually bound, required to marry each other if the beauty in question opened her eyes after the kiss. What kind of guys would participate in the exhibition, and what would happen when the women opened their eyes after an especially compelling smooch?

What we thought was an archaic fairy tale construction has delivered quite the unexpected ending, however. On September 5th, the first Sleeping Beauty to wake from her slumber opened her eyes to a princess charming, not a prince. That’s right, the traditional tale of a heterosexual “happily ever after” gave way to a gay version that ends with two damsels instead of one (and neither is in distress this time around).

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