Shift happens: Simple ways to get your zen back

Miki Markovich blogBY MIKI MARKOVICH

I think we all have those days. You know, the ones where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed for no reason at all. Or perhaps we’ve had the same ego-crushing argument with our beloved as we’ve had a hundred times before. Maybe there was a major kink in our big plan or that annoying coworker simply won’t stop talking. It doesn’t even matter how we got to this place. What does matter is our ability to elevate ourselves to a higher emotional state.

Sometimes you can go from pissed to blissed in five minutes flat. Other times you have to shift yourself one level at a time. The goal? To get happy, baby. Below are a few tips that I’ve learned on my own journey.

Carry a small bottle of essential oil with you. When you feel a funk coming on, crack it open and take a deep breath. Scents influence brain activity. You may know that lavender calms emotions, but did you know that lemon and jasmine have some of the same properties? In fact, lemon is known to calm and sharpen focus. Jasmine increases optimism as it calms. I tend to carry both orange and lime essential oils with me. They simply make me happy.

Sometimes taking a drive on a sunny day, parking at a place with a view and watching a bit of your favorite show on your tablet and just being can go a long way in getting back to your true self. Whether it’s 15-minutes watching that Italian flick your friends just aren’t into or an old episode of “Will and Grace,” make it about you.

Gratitude is a powerful force. Not only can it give you an immediate shot of joy, when practiced regularly, it has some long term health benefits. So, why not call up your sister to tell her some of the reasons you appreciate her, keep a gratitude journal or write a thank you letter to your fifth grade teacher (shout out to you Ms. Janet Emily).

Delayed gratification
While taking a vacation can elevate mental stresses, planning one, looking forward to it can go a long way as well. Have lunch with your best friends and start planning that epic road trip, call up those cousins you haven’t seen for a while to talk Hawaii, brainstorm some rustic getaways with your girlfriend or start researching that solo overseas trip you’ve been dreaming about. This is your life. Be sure you’re investing time into living it.

Of course, you can always play some uplifting songs, cruise your favorite cat videos, grab a piece of decadent chocolate or do whatever fits your life and lifts your mood. None of us are guaranteed days. Let’s not waste precious moments in a world without rainbows and fairy dust. Let’s connect, unite and rock our delicious selves. How do you best elevate your mood?

Miki Markovich is a seeker of beauty and truth, traveler of interesting roads, saver of furry souls, typer of words, iPhone lover and mac head. You can find her on Twitter at @mikimarkovich and @fiveminutezen. If you’re looking to go from pissed to blissed in five minutes flat, find balance or improve the quality of your life through self care, check out her website at

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