Relationships: Don’t force it

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Some singles come to us wanting to find their life partner. Others come to us to “get outside the box” and date new people they would never meet on their own.

Most singles out there are looking for love, regardless of how they label it. Mature adults are usually ready to settle down with the right person — and cheers to them, because everyone deserves someone significant in their life. For a few, there is the hard push to find “the one.” The reality is that this takes time and careful consideration. In coaching singles, we stress that it’s important to grow a relationship naturally and not force it to fit. Why are some so fast to label their growing relationship to an end all, be all partnership?

For some in the single population, fear is a factor. Some adults are fearful that they will never find the “right one,” so they jump quickly into what they see as a perfect monogamous, long-term relationship. For any of you who follow our column, you know that we are all for people finding their life love. But fear should not be your motivating factor. Don’t forget your non-negotiable issues when it comes to a relationship. Don’t force someone to fit the mold that you so desperately want to fill.

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