Relationships center stage as June climaxes

Life by the Numbers headerBY MICHELLE ARBEAU
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Not only are we still hot and heavy with in Mercury in retrograde’s mixed up grasp, but we just survived Friday the 13th AND a full moon. It’s an energetic war zone out there.

If you were able to avoid the intense relationship drama that started early Friday and peaked in the evening, you’re one of the lucky ones. It was werewolf day and boy were people turning at a breakneck pace. It lasted for roughly 24 hours, then the dust settled on the casualties.

Thankfully, this week is much quieter in drama and more about seeing things from a mature and wise vantage point. All these relationship battles lately have caused you to take some major growth spurts and you’re poised this week for a TKO, but in a good way.

On the other side of the spectrum, with a higher viewpoint comes clarity in other areas in your life, particularly career wise.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014
It’s all about communication today (10 is communication number). After Friday’s nightmare energy, it’s high time you had a candid chat with those you might have gotten in the ring with recently to at least smooth out some of the wrinkles.

This time the gloves are off and the words are flowing in a way that brings crystal clarity on both sides. You’ll know just what to say, when to say it and how to say it today. Take advantage of your way with words and get anything remaining off your chest. It will be surprisingly well-received and even appreciated. It’s also a great day to start that personal blog you’ve been wanting to begin or write that letter to your estranged friend. If you’ve got something to say, today is the day.

MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014
You’re the go-to person today, the support system, the leaning post. As the wise sage this week, those around you intuitively sense you have the answers for them. It’s a quiet energy day as the pure 20-two mellows everyone out.

You won’t necessarily be needing to offer up actual advice but do expect others to dish or dump on you. Normally, this might be information overload and more than you care to hear, but you’re in laid back mode with an overabundance of patience today. Let yourself be that sounding board, partly because there may be hidden messages from the universe in those words and partly because you will find when the tables turn, they’ll be there for you.

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014
You’re calling forth your inner sexy librarian today as your thirst for reading, researching and tracking down information is peaking this week. It’s got you worried you’re more of a nerd than you thought. Three is the number of imagination and memory and Tuesday’s tone is all about intellectual stimulation.

Normally, three brings out the social butterfly, but not today. You’ve got your head in the books, but the good news is that the tiny tidbits of information that were missing to solve some longstanding obstacles in your life are finally revealing themselves. The small details can make all the difference. It’s like finding that last word in the crossword puzzle.

The information gleaned from yesterday’s unexpected nerd session is now being filtered through into reality with the help of Wednesday’s master builder energy (22-four). There’s nothing like the feeling of having that ah-ha moment and being able to put it into action immediately.

Today’s your day to put in the final pieces of your foundation, so you can really start building your empire. Even silly little things like finally finding that password to a website will make you feel so accomplished today. You really feel like you’re turning a corner right now and all the uphill battles were worth it over the past several months.

In this moment, the focus is on building forward and even though the relationship issues have been a big part of your life lately, they’re quite far in the background today. Several of the larger obstacles you’ve been at standstill with are being dealt with quickly and efficiently this Wednesday. It’s as though it were all about timing and it wasn’t time until now.

Keeping with the theme of the week, you’re the natural and mature counselor today as the 23-five energy enters the scene. Today’s the day when you’ll really be offering up your wise counsel. You’ve learned a lot and grown in leaps and bounds since the start of the year. You’ve earned your spot as a guide and have much to share with those who may be just starting to travel the same roads.

Don’t be surprised if the cashier spills her guts to you while ringing your groceries up or your old friend from a former job calls to say hello but it turns into a full-on counseling session. With wisdom comes responsibility and you’ve got an obligation to share what you know with those in need of your knowledge. If you’d rather lay low and avoid the title of prophet today, it will be a great day to share some wisdom on a blog post or social media because people will be especially tuned into you.

FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014
Your Is have been dotted and Ts crossed and now you’re poised to make some major creative breakthroughs. June’s creative climax is building and it’s got some major momentum. True creativity comes from a soul level and today’s date is chalk full of intuitive flow with double twos and double visionary six energy (month and total sum of date both six).

You get to paint your portrait and decide every element. You’re in control and it feels oh so great to feel like you have the reins firmly in your hands again. The six is often about relationships, but that couldn’t be further from the story today. You’re taking the bull by the horns and shaping your destiny. The best part is that you’ve got the itch to create something completely new and the old avenues seem boring right now. It’s an unexpected twist to the plot, but it’s plan B all the way and B stands for the BEST. Sketch it out literally and figuratively. Seeing it on paper will connect the dots on every level.

Just as Tuesday’s intellectual idea day was followed by an action day, Friday’s creative visionary/intuitive flow is followed by a leap first think later seven Saturday. Your sketched out plan B is locked and loaded with the “let’s do it!” leaper seven who will take your visions and fly with them. Not only is it a seven day, it’s a 16-seven, which is all about turning a new chapter energy.

We’ve had a surprising amount of 16-seven energy thrown our way lately, which goes to show you how pivotal June really is in shaping the next leg of the journey. The excitement about the new, untraveled path you’ve carved out for yourself has you giddy with anticipation and a bit of fear of the unknown. Don’t doubt the plan. If it feels right in your heart, that’s the only confirmation you need that you’re going the right way. Sometimes we need to just take action and start down the path, even if we aren’t sure exactly where the path may lead us. You didn’t come this far to stop now. Take the first step and the rest will take care of itself.

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio. Her newly released books, “The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire” and “Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life” are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Learn more at

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