Re/Dress redux: Rachel Kacenjar revives beloved boutique


Rachel Kacenjar, who happens to wear great glasses.


“The word redress actually means ‘to remedy or set right an undesirable or unfair situation,’ which is something we’re trying to do with mainstream fashion. We want fashion to be expressive and empowering for all people!” says Rachel Kacenjar, 30, who took over ownership of the online plus size shop Re/Dress in May.

For the openly queer, body acceptance activist and fat fashion guru it was the perfect intersection of her passions. “I worked for Re/Dress Online for the last year and a half managing the artistic direction, photo shoots, customer service, and fulfillment. Deb [Malkin], the owner, told me—with a heavy heart—that she planned to sell last Fall…it really tore me up. I was happy for Deb, but I was really worried that Re/Dress and the east coast fashion community surrounding it might just disappear entirely, so I started negotiating to buy the assets of the store from her.” Now just a few months after taking over, Kacenjar has expanded to brick and mortar, opening a boutique in her native Cleveland, Ohio in September.

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