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Reach for your dreamsBY MIKI MARKOVICH

Today, right now, is the perfect time for you to find your purpose and go for your dream. Whatever your age, situation, place in life, now the time to dream and dream BIG. Entirely too often we see people who don’t go after what they desire because they feel what they yearn for is too big, too lofty, too ambitious, too ridiculous. Some women might even feel like they should stick to what everyone else is doing, because why should they want more when others seem so happy with the status quo? I’m here to tell you that none of that shit matters. Not one little bit. This is your life. Your time. Bloom, baby! Go after it!

Maybe your ideas are specific: You desire to run a Fortune 500 company, write that book, find your ideal partner or finally adopt a child. Others might have less exacts and more generalized ideas. Does the idea of helping people get physically fit while having fun get you excited? Still other gals may just want to produce some consistent core feelings such as being fulfilled, enlightened, excited, sexy, affluent, creative or the like.

Whatever the case, whatever your gut is telling you, make a plan. Start today. Get moving on your road to success and start building that momentum. Whether you have two minutes or two hours, start now. Believe in yourself, your vision and your heart’s desire.

Here are a few ideas to get you living the dream:

Reach out to an expert or someone you admire. You may be surprised by who’s willing to help you on your journey. If this idea makes you uncomfortable, consider starting by reading books, watching documentaries or listening to interviews of those who’ve been successful achieving the same goals you want to achieve.

Just think of the industry gems you’ll find inside those glossy covers. Who’s looking forward to checking the mail now?

Attend one in person, online or even by phone.

Timothy Ferris has a great chapter covering this very topic in his book, “The Four-Hour Workweek.” It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can achieve certain goals or certifications. Not only will this raise your self-confidence quickly, it’ll also raise your credibility level.

If there’s a certain industry or company you’re interested in working for or replicating, offer to volunteer, even if you live hundreds of miles from the physical facility. You don’t have to leave your sofa to guest blog, do research, assist with social media, plan events, connect people, etc.

Whether you’re talking to someone else or to yourself, stay positive. Words are powerful. Turn self-defeating talk into life affirmations. Focus on the good and the forward momentum. Rephrase no and can’t.

Share your progress with your partner or a trusted friend, keep a journal or start a blog documenting your journey or create a power playlist of songs that not only build you up, but perhaps also reflect your short term or long term goals.

Reward yourself for reaching milestones, and not just the big ones. Escape to a movie, enjoy an ice cream or buy that necklace you’ve had your eye on.

Now go get ‘em, Tiger. You got this!

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Miki Markovich is a seeker of beauty and truth, traveler of interesting roads, saver of furry souls, typer of words, iPhone lover and mac head. You can find her on Twitter at @mikimarkovich and @fiveminutezen. If you’re looking to go from pissed to blissed in five minutes flat, find balance or improve the quality of your life through self care, check out her website at

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