Rachel Maddow discusses her battles with depression in Rolling Stone

Rachel Maddow discusses her struggles with depressionBY JACK MIRKINSON
Huffington Post Gay Voices

Rachel Maddow is known for her perennially sunny attitude on-air, but in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the MSNBC host talked about her darker moods, which she said can sometimes sink into depression.

The profile by Ben Wallace-Wells is partially built around Maddow’s infamous “Meet the Press” argument with GOP strategist Alex Castellanos about gender pay equity. That was about as angry as viewers have ever seen her get, and it was hardly off-the-charts anger.

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2 Responses to “Rachel Maddow discusses her battles with depression in Rolling Stone”

  1. Barb Elgin

    It is inspiring to learn that one of our beloved lesbian ‘icons’ – Rachel Maddow – is willing to open up and share honestly about herself. I, like so many others – lesbian or not – admire Rachel’s work. Her real life experience with depression will no doubt be a voice in increasing understanding and helping others seek treatment for themselves and loved ones.

    • Barb Elgin

      Okay, now that I’ve read the Rolling Stone’s article I had several questions: has Rachel defined her depression as a problem? Has she gotten treatment? Is her depression so mild she’s functioning well enough without help? The article doesn’t say. Rachel is obviously very hard on herself, so my related questions are – is this ‘perfectionism’ what makes her so successful? Can she ‘be’ great without ‘putting herself down’? What do YOU think? What do you think she’d say?


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