Poll: 70% of Israelis back LGBT equality

israeli flag and rainbow flagBY TheSeattleLesbian.com

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation debated several bills Sunday that were initiated by Yesh Atid to promote the rights of the gay community and adjust the status quo on religion and state. The move comes as a new Haaretz poll says that 70 percent of the public supports equal rights for gay people. There is relatively broad support for this among the religious, traditional and Arab communities, though ultra-Orthodox Jews remain firmly opposed. Support for equal rights for gays is higher among women than men.

While the coalition members bicker about promoting LGBT rights through legislation, MK Stav Shaffir (Labor) has compiled a list of 12 ways to benefit the community through a ministerial decision to change regulations or a more sympathetic legal interpretation, with no need for legislation. These include rules that would make it easier for same-sex couples to adopt, help them enter into surrogacy arrangements, or prevent transgenders’ embarrassment when asked to cite their gender on official documents.

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