Out and Around: Bringing international ‘Supergays’ to the big screen

Jenni and Lisa of OutAndAround.com

Jenni and Lisa of OutAndAround.com (Photo via Out and Around)


Our journey did not end with the last plane ride home from Lima to San Francisco. For the past eight months, Lisa and I have been working to finish the project we started when we decided to leave our 9-5 jobs, pick up a video camera, and travel through Asia, Africa and South America in search of the people who are leading the movement for gay, lesbian and transgender equality.

With this film, we have an opportunity to tell a very personal story about what is happening in the gay rights movement around the world. But this story isn’t just about the gays — this story is about the right to find respect, acceptance and love for any person who has ever faced intolerance for being who they are. Let’s bring the Supergay story to life and make a difference in the global movement for equality.

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Jenni Chang works as a business manager for eBay Inc, the online marketplace site. Jenni’s international experience includes volunteering with community outreach groups in Taiwan, Cambodia, and China. Jenni is an LGBT activist who is involved in the Asian American and Christian LGBT communities in San Francisco.

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