No. 1 LGBT family Christmas video

While Starbucks has gotten major attention this month for featuring a Lesbian couple holding hands on their annual holiday cups, another lesbian couple is still getting major attention for featuring themselves in their holiday music video, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. California recording artist, Danielle LoPresti, is still the first and only lesbian family Christmas music video and has over a half million views.

Released in 2015, LoPresti’s rendition of the 1952 Tommie Connor classic broke ground for its representation of LGBT families by simply showcasing LoPresti with her real-life spouse, producer and musician, Alicia Champion and their young son. Viewers watch the familiar family dynamics, that all parents can relate to gay or straight which provides a beautiful representation of the LGBT family unit. Produced by Champion, the video went viral in 2015 and was hailed by media outlets nationwide who praised the video and LoPresti’s rendition of the classic tune.

After finding no examples online of holiday videos that reflected their own multiracial, same-sex, foster-adoptive family to share with their then three year old son, LoPresti and Champion were inspired to create a progressive, inclusive rendition of their own, with hopes that it would help usher in more LGBT-produced family holiday media online. While to date there has yet to be any others LGBT family themed holiday videos released, the inclusion of the LGBT family in holiday campaigns like Starbucks, are encouraging.

LoPresti says, “The holiday season can be extremely challenging for a lot of people. And for those who may not have secure, loving, supportive families to turn to during a time that is supposed to be about family, the season can be downright tragic. Representation matters, and it can save lives. Sometimes the best activism we can do is to simply live our authentic lives out in the open.”

“The ‘American Family’ is indeed under attack,” Champion continues, “In this new political era of justified bigotry, families like ours need to feel represented more than ever before, especially during the holidays. If our little video can help add a bit more light to this dark time, we’re grateful for that.”

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