NFL refuses to discipline player for bigoted tweets

Think Progress

The National Football League has set a disappointing standard by refusing to implement its conduct policy when a player blatantly engages in public displays of homophobia. Cleveland Browns linebacker Tank Carder recently used Twitter to call a fan a “faggot” and further explain that, “I don’t agree with being gay or lesbian at all, but saying faggot doesn’t make me a homophobe.”

The Browns responded by saying they do not condone such comments and that they “have spoken with Tank and have made this very clear to him.” In his “apology,” he explained that he is “sorry if you were offended.” He also tried to explain that he thought the person he called a faggot “was bashing team sports. big misunderstanding.” Carder has done nothing else to rectify his offensive remarks, and now the NFL is not doing anything about it either.


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