News: Meredith Baxter co-chairs CLARE fundraiser

Actress and author Meredith Baxter co-chairs CLARE, June 17, 2012

Meredith Baxter recently participated in a fundraiser for CLARE, a foundation which provides services to those seeking recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse. Baxter served as co-chair and donor at the event which featured the works of more than 60 emerging artists.

All artists donated at least half the proceeds garnered via the silent auction sale of their work, but Baxter was one of two artists who turned over 100 percent of the proceeds.

Baxter, an actress and best-sellling author, explained that her works are “not planned,” as evidenced in “Abstract with Clown, 2011” which features a clown figure superimposed inside her Neo-Dada Combine painting.

“As I am creating something, I might have a variety of things and ideas with an image that I’d like to put,” said Baxter, who gave her clown a “moment of control,” inside of her painting. “The clown was one of many that I had made from other paintings that I had torn up and only wanted part of, and I put him in there and thought, ‘he fits!’”

Pop artist Joe Goode also donated all proceeds from sales of his art at the event which grossed about $50,000 to support CLARE’s programs.

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