New LGBT dystopian drama, ‘Hiding in Daylight’

New York, NY (September 3, 2018) Filmmaker Cheryl Allison has announced the cast for her upcoming LGBT dystopian drama “Hiding in Daylight.” Judy McLane (Were the World Mine), Jule Cerda (Passengers), Gerald McCullouch (Daddy), and Gary Hilborn (Jane Wants a Boyfriend) make up the ensemble of this short film. After a gay purge in a dystopian future, two couples who secretly meet once a week to reminisce about their former openly gay lives must decide if their clandestine meetings are worth risking their lives. In one night, secrets are revealed, emotions run high, and mistakes cause for a catastrophic event.

As an out and proud lesbian, director Cheryl Allison was immediately drawn to the story of Hiding in Daylight. “It is a very topical and unsettling story that much like The Handmaid’s Tale, shows us how easily persecution of marginalized groups can be justified in the name of religion or patriotism. Last month, I volunteered down on the Texas border helping reunite immigrant families being released from one of the detention centers. It was a horrible reminder of how quickly human rights can be stripped away. So while this dystopian storyline is fiction based, all one has to do is place the story in 1933 and suddenly the fiction turns into a dark, grim reality. My hope is that the film will evoke an uncomfortable truth and warning that when people are complacent history can repeat itself.”

Cheryl Allison is an award-winning actress who has performed in Broadway, Regional Theatre and Film/TV for over 25 years. She has directed and produced The Birdman of St. Pete (2014), Mini Maestro (2016), and currently in post production with the documentary Shatter the Silence. Cheryl, a Regional Emmy Nominee, also produced and directed the 5P Minus Society PSA This is Cole which was the recipient of Silver and Bronze Telly Awards. The PSA is currently running on FOX Television Stations.

She is the Founder/Producer of WOW FILMS, and is co-producing the film with Gregory G. Allen of ASD Media & Entertainment (screenwriter) and producer Carina Rush. All three producers hope the futuristic film about equaliy, discrimination, and love shines a light on current proposed initiatives and bills that threaten the rights of the LGBT community. The film is shooting in late September in New York state and will hit the festival circuit in 2019.

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