ConBoy drops new single, “Outta My Head”

“Outta My Head 2.0” is a reimagined version of ConBoy’s original “Outta My Head” from their debut, self titled EP released on June 27 this year. “Outta My Head at it’s core is about waking the fuck up and doing what you need to do to kick a toxic person out of your life” says lead singer and song writer, Cherie Bugtong. Although lyrically the song hasn’t changed, melodically, the 2.0 version is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You” or even some of Janis Joplin’s bluesiest tracks.

When discussing the reasons behind making a new version, guitarist Daisy Spencer says: “We love the original version of “Outta My Head” but it wasn’t quite translating as well in our live set, so we all sat down and created a completely different version that hit way harder than the original and it was much more fit for a rockin’ live show. Then we thought, “why not release this version too?” and here we are.”

ConBoy is an indie pop-rock band formed by two queer women often mistaken for boys, hence the name ConBoy. The NYC based duo, Cherie Bugtong and Daisy Spencer, are pumping personal stories in the form of pop-rock bangers for all ages similar to the likes of Tegan and Sara, Weezer, No Doubt and many more. But ConBoy are their own distinct sound — a grittier, bolder, more personal band with unapologetic songwriting, old-school rock tones and new age pop flair that’ll sucker punch you with every hook you hear. ConBoy is for everyone.

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