‘Mo Wave rocks Seattle this weekend

Team Dresch

Team Dresch


I had a weird obsession with the Pacific Northwest before I had ever visited the top left corner of the country, mostly due to the fact it was home to the coolest and queerest art and music scenes I’d ever heard of, and women and lesbians were involved, too. This was mind-blowing to a Midwestern girl whose local bands were full of boys and whose purchases of “Spin” and “Circus” magazines were largely full of straight white dudes and their guitars. Across the country in places like Seattle, Portland and Olympia, there was Mia Zapata fronting The Gits, there was riot grrl, there was K Records, Kill Rock Stars and an ally in Kurt Cobain. And even though the focus later moved to New York City indie rock or other flavor of the month regions in the two decades since, the Pacific Northwest has maintained its possession of some of the best queer music and art being made, which is why this weekend’s ‘Mo Wave in Seattle will be a can’t miss festival for anyone in the area, or otherwise able to attend.

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