Election 2012: Compare party platforms


Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) introduced an important new resource that voters can use now and over the next four years. MEUSA published the first streamlined, side-by-side comparison of the new political platforms just adopted by the major parties regarding marriage equality and related LGBT issues. MEUSA now offers a 1-page comparison table summarizing 94 pages of party platforms into an attractive, bird’s-eye view that’s easy to copy, print, and mail here.

Starting in August 2011, a survey was delivered to the office of each active, formally announced candidate via e-mail, web mail, and/or facsimile, and also via certified U.S. mail for which a campaign employee signed a receipt confirming the delivery. Each candidate’s survey showed his or her latest stand on each LGBTIQ issue, based on speeches made, documents signed, and interviews given. All candidates were invited to notify MEUSA of updates to their positions as they occur, up through election day on November 6, 2012.

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