‘Man Eaters’: Zombie apocolypse with a twist

"Man Eaters" coverBY LESBIAN.COM

There’s no denying the 2012 has been the year of the Zombie. With sales of zombie literature up over 500 percent, the genre has seen its most successful year to date. However, while most zombie thrillers tell fictional stories with little real-world relevance, a new novel by Linda Kay Silva is giving readers some real food for thought.

Man Eaters” is no ordinary zombie thriller. Fusing its gripping story with a plot twist that will make readers think, it stands out in its genre as a totally unique work.

In the book, firefighter Dallas Barkley struggles hourly to keep her little band of survivors from the grasp of killers who never tire, never sleep, and never quit longing to make a meal out of them. As martial law sweeps through the country, Dallas’s new family must fight off not only voracious man eaters and a deadly military containment procedure, but rogue survivors who obey no law of the land as they wantonly take from those they perceive as weaker.

But Dallas and her people are far from weak. With a cowgirl named Roper and a medic called Butcher, these three women must brave the darkest hours of the bloodiest days as they work together to create a safe haven in a world destroyed by a man made plague ravaging the country and threatening their lives. Only by placing their faith, loyalty, and love in each other’s hands can they hope to survive. Only by forging bonds stronger than death can they hope to beat back the hordes of undead.”

As the author explains, her novel is unlike anything ever written before.

“The story has an amazing twist in its plot; something we don’t want to give away here,” says Silva, who has won many awards for her seventeen published novels.

She continues, “However, what I can say is that this is the perfect novel for the thinking person. It is likely to make them question their own beliefs and make them more understanding. It’s truly compelling stuff.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

With so much success in her hands, Silva remains focused on what is really important.

“I want “Man Eaters” to provide both a captivating story and a thinking/ talking point among its readers. Early feedback suggests that both of these are true, which is very satisfying to hear,” she concludes.

Linda Kay Silva is a Harley riding, animal rescuing literature professor at a military university where she teaches Modern Epic Fantasy, Sci-fi/Fantasy, American, World, and British literature. She just completed the third in the
“Man Eaters” series, and has two other paranormal series, “More than an Echo” and “Across Time.”

8 Responses to “‘Man Eaters’: Zombie apocolypse with a twist”

  1. Linda Kay Silva

    Thank you so much for featuring my latest novel by Sapphire Books. The twist of this tale is one that every gay and lesbian will rejoice in seeing and will give straight readers a moment of pause as they consider what it all means. I wanted to let your readers know that I respond to ALL inquiries, questions, comments, etc. I am very accessible and love talking about writing, books, characters, whatever. (Okay, so I just like to talk:)

    Again, thank you for featuring my Zombie Thriller, Man Eaters. You made my day. Happy holidays to you and all of the visitors who come to lesbian.com!

  2. Lori McKee

    This book is a MUST read. I am NOT a fan of Zombies and had no interest in reading this. A dear friend forced it on me and I was so sucked in after the first few pages I could not and did not put it down.The plot twist is amazing , I never saw it coming. I will be picking up more of this intriguing authors works. Linda Kay Silva is the “next big thing”

  3. Char Gutierrez

    What a great story! If you are a lover of all things zombie as I am this is a must read. I fell in love with the characters. They are captivating in their journey to try to find safety, not only from the hordes of zombies but from our own government. I would be honored to follow Dallas, Roper, Einstein and Butcher into the zombie apocalypse any day.
    I look forward to the upcoming sequels like a zombie craves fresh meat. Well done Linda and welcome to my zombie library.

  4. Karen Karn

    I have a copy on my kitchen table ready for me to start reading, I cant wait to pick it up this evening. I have heard excellent things from my friends!!!!

  5. Charisse Robinson

    I have only heard positive things about this book! Man Eaters will definetely be an early Christmas gift to myself! I can’t wait to be sucked into this book as well! Thanks Linda!

  6. Nancy Theriault

    I have to admit I have not jumped onto the zombie band wagon and probably never will, but I read Man Eaters because a close friend went on and on about it. I actually really enjoyed it. It had lots of fast paced action and a lot of humor. I love a book that can make me laugh. Linda Kay Silva put a cool spin on the whole zombie thing too.

  7. Sunnie Elyse

    Loved it!! This story has a twist to it that everybody will be jumping out of there seats to see when the next book comes out! Not just for zombie lovers but if you just have been looking for a new great book, check this out cause you wont regret it.. i was totoally cracking up and theres nothing better than a book that gets u laughing out loud. check out this author, she also had alot to offer to supernatural fans!


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