Magazine seeks same-sex parents for photo project


In an effort to raise awareness of the many unique and varied families across the U.S., “The Next Family” (TNF) is rolling out a National Spotlight Campaign highlighting same-sex parents in every state around the country. The online magazine for modern parents, with a primary demographic of same-sex parents, was established in 2009 and has been growing by large numbers. Editor-in-Chief Brandy Black founded the site to fill the gap in the parenting market by catering to the next generation of families and couples.


  • If you are a same-sex parent, please submit information about your family to TNF.
  • Send a blurb of 3 to 5 sentences about your family. Include your city/state of residence, the ages of your children, specifics about the formation of your family (adoption, biological, via surrogate, etc.)
  • Send pictures of your family and be prepared for us to use your images.
  • Video, should you choose to send it, should be no longer than 3 minutes. (Video is not required.)


TheSeattleLesbian online magazine reaches more than 188,000 readers per week globally.

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