French right wing tries to derail marriage equality bill

Girls kissing in defiance of anti-gay protestors

Two girls kiss in front of a crowd opposed to same-sex marriage in France, as the protestors look on in shock. Photo: AFP/ Gérard Julien


France’s Religious Right is attempting a last ditch effort to derail marriage equality legislation by adding some 4,661 amendments including provisions to legalize incest and child marriage. Have they no shame?

France’s marriage equality bill was introduced into parliament on the 29th of January and is set for a grueling two weeks of debate throughout which it is predicted the minority right of center parties will attempt to attach every poisonous amendment they can. Those amendments are said to include issues like multiple partner marriage, but also venture deep into outrageous territory. These attempts at derailing the bill have, however, been brushed off by France’s majority socialist party, with Prime Minister Jean Marc-Ayrault saying that he had expected such opposition.

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