Love and pride in cyberspace

Lesbian wedding on

Lesbian wedding on


The social media site and 3D virtual world IMVU is celebrating Gay Pride Month with a new feature: weddings, which included marriage equality right from the star. The company’s headquarters are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and within the game world Pride is taking center stage; the in-game store is offering limited-edition Pride gear, and an online global “block party” is happening on June 28. This year, players also had a new way to celebrate love; a month before Pride 2013, a new release gave IMVU characters the option of getting married.

As in real life, marriage does include certain benefits; profiles are linked together and a new “life status” displayed on both users’ profile cards. Additionally, unlike the now-defunct Sims Social, married characters have a shared room to decorate. Through the end of the month, IMVU’s Photo Stream, where community members can share and showcase their IMVU photos, will be featuring Pride-themed photos; players can also select a Pride-themed frame for their default pictures.


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