LGBTQ rights: Puerto Rico’s path toward progress

LGBT march in Puerto RicoBY ADAM BRINKLOW

Puerto Rico Senator Maria Gonzalez Lopez proposed two bills this month, the first overturning a ban on adoption by same-sex couples and the other adding materials about gender issues and sexual discrimination to public school curricula. “It’s imperative that this legislative assembly recognize and not deny existing families their rights,” reads the first bill. Gonzalez Lopez said in an interview with the Associated Press that homophobic policies are hurting Puerto Rico both socially and economically.

It’s a tough row to hoe: Puerto Rico is as much 85% Roman Catholic, according to the CIA World Factbook, and the opposition show no signs of budging. “There are certain issues that are non-negotiable,” Cesar Vazquez Muniz, spokesman for Puerto Rico Pro Family, one of the island’s largest Christian-dominated political groups, said in a public statement. “They are trying to change the values of this country.”


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