LGBT Ladlad Party pushes on in Philippines


The Ladlad Party, or the Unfolding Party, is a Philippine LGBT political party campaigning to become the first all LGBT party in the world to be represented in any governing body and is bidding for congressional seats this year. While there are politicians in other countries who happen to be gay, only in the Philippines have gay people moved to organize their own coalition.

 The Ladlad began last spring in 2012 when they fought an uphill battle to be recognized by the Agency of Elections who rejected their application and refused to recognize the party. By the time they were allowed to campaign, the elections were only a sparse 2 weeks away, leaving almost no time to organize and put in a real effort to win congressional seats. Now, in 2013, Ladlad congressional hopefuls have organized and reached out to the community with a real chance to win during this year’s election on May 13.

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