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Udi Behr founder Udi Behr


LoveandPride was founded to celebrate the power of passion, creativity, and action. The company believes every human being is entitled to equal rights, and they recognize that diversity is what makes us who we are. They continue to promote tolerance and respect for all. Founder Udi Behr talks about his motivations and challenges.

What inspired you to create something in support of the LGBT community?

There were 2 major factors that inspired me. The first, of course, is the family & friends I have that are gay. The second was an interview that the former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, had with Larry King. What he had to say inspired me so much! From that, I wanted to join forces with the cause and design jewelry to donate the proceeds. I am a very big activist in human rights and I believe the fight for LGBT rights is the last frontier for equality in this country. Everyone deserves equality.


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