Lez get married: Makeup for girls and bois


Makeup is a loaded subject. Is it just for femmes? Can I be femme and hate makeup? Can I wear makeup if I’m masculine of center? Are all women acquiescing to a ridiculous societal standard of beauty by smearing chemicals into our pores?

Let’s not delve too deep into that today other than admitting that as humans we all have a bit of an ego and we like to look our best. On you’re wedding day, when you are going to be in about a million pictures, makeup is the best way to achieve that.

I know. You’re a boi and you don’t wear makeup. Let’s be real. Do you want to remember the horrible stress pimple that popped up the night before the big day? You don’t want that pimple in pictures, commemorated for all time. So let’s get to it.

Clear skin and defined features are the best way to give good face without getting too fussy about it. I’m going to recommend light foundation, concealer if you need it, brow gel/pencil and clear mascara. This will perfect your skin and make your eyes stand out with out anyone realizing that you’re actually, gasp, wearing makeup.

If you are prone to oily skin, or if you have a summer wedding and you might be sweating through your tux, give yourself a quick once over with a translucent powder. Physicians Formula is available at any drug store and the price is right for anyone on a wedding budget. Finish the look off with a little of your favorite lip balm.

If you want to go crazy you can add a little guyliner, Shane style. Personally, I can’t resist a boi in guyliner.

Pro tip: If you’ve never applied makeup before, have someone else do it for you on the big day. Maybe a member of your wedding party, a sibling, cousin or BFF who is good with makeup. Don’t be shy. Whomever you choose will probably be flattered that you are trusting them with your face on the one day everyone will be looking at it.

The femme community is usually painted with the same brush, which is crazy because there are as many different ways to be femme as there are stars in the sky. If you are femme and don’t usually wear makeup, follow the same advice I gave the bois and even out your skin tone and accentuate your eyes. Maybe add a touch of lip gloss in a color that will subtly enhance your lips and a swipe of blush on your cheeks to complete the blushing bride look. You’ll still look like you, only more radiant!

Normally bridal looks are heavy on neutral tones and traditional up-dos. If you are a lady with a love of stylized feminine looks, you might want to go for something more dramatic. Pick your favorite, can’t live without beauty product and build a look around it. It’s your wedding and the only rule is to look fantastic. Let’s break some rules.

Brides tend to be told to stay away from a red lip. But if you love to rock a signature red lip, wear it on your wedding day. I recommend starting the day with a quick lip exfoliation. If you are getting ready at home, mix sea salt and olive oil and gently scrub your lips with your finger. In a pinch, gently rub your toothbrush over your lips while your brushing your teeth in the morning, then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Remember you are going to be doing a ton of kissing on your wedding day. So wear something that won’t rub off on your partner. I swear by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar. It stays all day (sometimes even until the next morning) and won’t rub off on your partner as long as it’s dry. You can also try a lipstain, like Covergirl’s Outlast Lipstain. It won’t even feel like you are wearing lipstick and you can reapply gloss or moisturizer throughout the day without losing color. If you are going to be using a new color or product, give it a few test drives before the big day.

Brides are also usually steered away from a dark smokey eye in favor of a more natural look. But if the smokey eye is your jam, there’s no need to skip it.

For some women, neutral colors are traditional and gorg and for others they are a snoozefest. Don’t feel like you can’t express your personality by adding your fav colors or bling to your look. Check out some of my recs below.

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