Lesbian holiday etiquette

Attractive woman in Santa suitBY EBONE’ BELL
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It’s already that time: We’re trying out our best recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, picking out the ideal Christmas tree, or buying candles for our menorah or kinara. These festivities and traditions entail considerable pre-planning and, in turn, generate a lot of questions— especially when friends, family, and significant others are involved.

The usual questions and issues surrounding holiday preparations can become a little more complicated, however, when you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). That’s why we went directly to the LGBT etiquette expert himself, Steven Petrow, to provide advice on the dos and don’ts surrounding various activities during this festive season. All of the helpful tips appearing here are excerpted from Steven Petrow’s “Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners for Every Occasion: The Definitive Guide to LGBT Life” (Workman, 2011).

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