Lesbian character coming to ‘Two and a Half Men’

The male cast of Two and a Half MenBY Huffington Post Gay Voices

“Two and a Half Men” is introducing a new female voice to shakeup Season 11. That voice will come in the form of Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) illegitimate daughter, Jenny, a 21-year-old lesbian from New York.

“I think it would be great have that voice on the show from a different perspective,” “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre told reporters at TCA. “The show has had enough testosterone to last a lifetime.”

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  1. dogmom

    The.show.is.dead. Let it rest in peace. Bringing on a lesbian character will not save the show because there are about 2 1/2 too many men on the show for most lesbians.


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