Lesbian artists breaking barriers in hip hop, R&B

Hip hop artist Amanda PerezBY TRISH BENDIX

In 2003, Amanda Perez had two hit singles and her videos being played on MTV. Her song “Angel” reached number three on the Billboard charts and peaked at number seven on “Total Request Live”. Her 2007 album “Hand of Fate” also did well, but wasn’t able to trump the success of her debut “Where You At” or 2004′s “Angel.” Even so, she was signed to a major label — Virgin Records — and one thing was very evident about her: Amanda Perez did not look like other R&B ingenues. Clad in baggy denim, baseball jackets and sneakers, Amanda had swagger; a masculine air about her. Her hair was in tight cornrows, and she had an eyebrow piercing and a neck tattoo. She was much edgier than her “TRL” counterparts, an anomaly in mainstream music, especially for women.

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