Karen Finneyfrock on LGBT young adult fiction

Karen Finneyfrock

Karen Finneyfrock


Karen Finneyfrock is the type of adult kids can envision becoming. Even her fashion sense earns the rare teenage stamp of approval — black-and-white streaked hair, bold glasses and a rainbow wheel of funky nail art. The former writer-in-residence at Seattle’s Richard Hugo House regularly teaches youth writing classes and works with Seattle Arts and Lectures’ Writers-in-the-Schools program. It’s fitting that her first novel, “The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door,” is young-adult fiction and speaks to the modern teen, including coming-out experiences, cell phones and self-help books.

“Sweet Revenge” centers on Pennsylvania high-schooler Celia who vows revenge against a bullying pack of mean girls who inspired her to turn “Dark” — wearing black, being unsociable and writing poetry. Drake, a gay New York transfer student, offers hope of a real friendship. They both navigate embracing themselves and the perils of teenage love.

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