Jill Bennett on new LGBT sitcom ‘Second Shot’

Second Shot series, Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett as Kat (left), and Amanda Christensen as Allison. (Photo via SecondShot.TV)


Fantasizing over our exes–we’ve all been there, but not everyone gets a second chance to actualize those fantasies. Luckily, for those of us who live vicariously through our lesbian friends, we get to live through Jill Bennett’s on-screen tryst with her first love. Bennett, former “Curve” cover girl and lezzie favorite in the film “And Then Came Lola,” is playing Kat McDonald in the upcoming sitcom “Second Shot.”

Co-created and produced by Bennett and the producer of “South of Nowhere,” Nancylee Myatt, “Second Shot” is an ensemble show that kicks off when Bennett’s character, Kat, an ex-pro soccer player, reluctantly returns to her hometown after inheriting Dot’s Hole, the local gay bar. “Second Shot,” referred to as the gay “Cheers,” is made up of a collection of eccentric bar matrons and two love interests vying to tug at Kat’s heartstrings, a drop dead gorgeous, yet demanding girlfriend back in Miami and her first love, a blonde beauty with a husband and a whole new life outside of Kat.

To learn more about the premiere of “Second Shot” at The Dinah’s Film Festival in Palm Springs, check out Club Skirts’ Events page  or visit the Second Shot Facebook page. Watch the trailer for Second shot at secondshot.tv.

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