Is pill popping good for your health?

Dietary supplementsBY KEVIN M. NORRIS
Washington Blade

According to Consumer Report, dietary supplements have been taken by more than half of American adults; consumers spent $26.7 billion on supplements in 2009. Common motivations are to lose weight, stay healthy and avoid the use of prescription drugs.

With dietary supplements, the substitute may or may not be a better alternative to the original source. The supplementation, or in using the latest vernacular nutraceutical, industry is a tremendously huge and profitable world-wide market that will continue to grow at a rapid pace. But is it replacing real food and are most supplements safe? Everyone on the planet might think so. So it seems that everyone is popping some over-the-counter pill or powder perhaps to prevent disease or stave off a cold or simply looking for the perpetual elixir of life.

But don’t we all look for an elixir in some form or another to not only enhance our quality of life and ward off illness, but are also to prolong it? In doing so have we become a synthetically enhanced pill-popping society looking for the consummate magic pill in lieu of food consumed in the average American diet? This is all well and good, but shouldn’t safety be a consideration as well?

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