Inside Out: Lexington moment, San Francisco

Defiant lesbian outside San Francisco barBY CHERYL MAZAK
Mazak Photography

This photo came about as I was having a beer with a couple of friends at San Francisco’s Lexington Club. The bar touts itself as “your friendly neighborhood dyke bar” and the place definitely lived up to its reputation that day.

As my friends and I were talking, other patrons soon joined and it wasn’t long before I broke out my camera and suggested an impromptu photo shoot. After taking care of the pesky details like signatures on “Model Release” forms – yes, I carry them around with me for just such moments – we all stepped outside where I spotted some bright red graffiti painted on the sidewalk. The bar-companion-turned-model straddled the provocative prose and I snapped the shot forever capturing her defiant-yet-disinterested gaze.

Cheryl Mazak is a Toronto photographer obsessed with getting the heart of her subjects. See more from Cheryl at

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